The Quest Celestial (A Rendering of Katopanishad, Kenopanishad & Excerpts of Thaittariyopanishad into English Verse) (An Old and Rare Book)


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The quest after the Atman, the eternal fact of existence and principle of all life is the most difficult spiritual adventure. Our ancient sages and prophets spent lives and lives to discover the true nature of the apparent World and the non-apparent, eternal Brahman. E3fh of these learned Seers had proceeded along a spiritual path of enquiry that appeared to him to be the most infallible and surest way to attain the perfect spiritual knowledge of Brahman.


It is often reiterated that the World in which we exist is of the nature of an illusion, a mirage. The principal question that springs up from this assumption is; if the world is a mirage, are we not also parts of that mirage? An illusion by its very nature, is false. Then there will be no spiritual good or benefit to strive for. Man in that situation, becomes a mere purposeless, meaningless entity.