The Philosophy of The Upanishads


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The seers of ancient India had, in their experiments and efforts at spiritual training and the conquest of the body, perfected a discovery which in its importance to the, future of human knowledge dwarfs the divinations of Newton and Galileo; even the discovery of the inductive and experimental method in Science was not more momentous; for they discovered down to its ultimate processes the method of Yoga and by the method of Yoga they rose to three crowning realisations, They realised first as a fact the existence under -the flux and multitudinousness of things of that supreme Unity and immutable Stability which had hitherto been posited only as a necessary theory, an -inevitable generalisation.

At the same time they realised one truth more, surprising truth; they found that the transcendent absolute Self of things was also the Self of living beings, the Self too of man, that highest of the beings living in the material plane on earth.

Finally at the base of these two realisations was a third the most important of all to our race, that the Transcendent Self in individual man is as complete because identically the same as the Transcendent Self in-the Universe.

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